digital tools for democratizing in-field data collection

field data collection

Flocktracker is a content-agnostic platform that aims to democratize field data collection. We provide an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, ad-hoc, cloud-based field data gathering method, leveraging smartphone technology and designed to generate valuable insights in a low cost, and low hassle, way.

A platform for
citizen science

The technology enables a range of users, from citizens to academics to businesses, to collect highly heterogeneous field data, and share their projects. The platform enables individuals to explore and participate to others projects.




data collection
in real time.

Heterogeneous, high resolution field data can be rapidly collected, transmitted, fused, and validated almost simultaneously. For example, passenger counts can be combined with on-board surveys, which can be precisely matched with time and place stamps and transmitted remotely to databases.

Our partners told us...

“Flocktracker facilitates real time collection of information that is also georeferenced. Our research about safe mobility, college safety or school safety requires knowledge of where, when and how phenomena of violence and delinquency are occurring; Flocktracker eases the collection of this information.”

Angélica Garnica Sosa

General Director, Planeación y Desarrollo, S.C. Mexico City, Mexico

“…the software allowed me to identify survey biases as they occurred and adjust in order to capture responses from more women. It also provided a useful way of checking surveyors in the field.”

Erick Guerra

Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States

“Flocktracker was a watershed for an experiment about citizen collaboration and the generation of data in the city.”

Diego Cuesy

Public Policy Analyst, Laboratorio para la Ciudad Mexico City, Mexico

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